tcc application

What is Tax Compliance Certificate?

A TCC, otherwise known as a Tax Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by KRA, as proof of having filed and paid all your taxes.

KRA issues Tax Compliance Certificates because it is a requirement when, among others:

  1. Applying for a job. For jobs however, a TCC is required upon being offered the job.
  2. Applying for a government tender
  3. Applying for renewal of Work Permit
  4. Applying for clearing and forwarding agents license
  5. Seeking license to operate a Liquor Store
  6. One wants to confirm their compliance status

Tax Compliance Validity

Tax Compliance Certificates are valid for twelve months only.

Application for a TCC is done through iTax platform and the certificate is sent to applicants’ email address. but we always simplify this process by handling everything for you. call / text / whatsapp us on 0710 420 222 and get your tax compliance certificate

Applying for a Compliance Certificate.

Taxpayers seeking Tax Compliance Certificate must be compliant in: Filing of tax returns on or before the due date for all applicable tax obligations.
Payment of tax on or before the due date.
Clearance of all outstanding tax debt.

How to Apply for a Tax Compliance Certificate?

Would you like to get a Tax Compliance Certificate? click here or get in touch with us on 0710 420 222 and we shall process one for you.