Kenya revenue authority (KRA) Services, Duties and responsibility

kenya revenue authority services Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is a government agency responsible for collecting taxes and other revenues in Kenya. It is established under the KRA Act of 1997. KRA is headed by the Commissioner General, who is appointed by the President of Kenya. Its main objective is to ensure that every taxpayer pays their fair share of taxes and other duties. KRA is mandated to collect taxes and other duties, including Value Added Tax (VAT), Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax, Excise Duty, Capital Gains Tax, and Stamp Duty. It also administers the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) system and is responsible for the enforcement of tax laws.

KRA services include:

1. Tax Compliance: KRA provides taxpayers with information and guidance on filing and paying taxes. It also assists taxpayers in understanding their tax obligations and provides them with support in filing their returns.

2. Tax Audits: KRA conducts regular audits of taxpayers to ensure compliance with the tax laws.

3. Taxpayer Services: KRA provides taxpayers with assistance in filing and paying taxes, as well as providing information on related topics.

4. Tax Investigations: KRA investigates cases of tax fraud and evasion and takes appropriate legal action against offenders.

5. Tax Refunds: KRA processes refunds to taxpayers who are eligible for tax refunds.

6. Taxpayer Education: KRA offers various programs to educate taxpayers on their rights and responsibilities.

7. Tax Administration: KRA collects, processes, and administers tax payments and refunds.

8. Tax Collection: KRA is responsible for the collection of taxes and other duties.

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