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Website Development.

  • Business website
  • Ecommerce Website
  • NGO Website
  • Streaming Website

E - Commerce Website

Technology has changed commerce forever. Keep up and sustain your business by discovering the power of E commerce. Whether you’re selling a product or a service
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Business Website

To enhance and support your brand reputation, your website needs to perform flawlessly, seamlessly, and with dependability.
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Streaming Website

Are you looking to share your favorite videos online, upload your own content to broadcast across the web, or build a video sharing and upload website with multiple authors?.
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Website For NGOs

A wide range of nonprofit and charity organizations make their own websites, including foundations, places of worship, and community groups.
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Business Website services

Business Website Features You Need At Scale

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Security
  • Website Speed

Search Engine Optimization

At Digitali, enterprise business website development projects are completed with solid optimization with search engines in mind to improve

Website Security

We don’t abandon you to handle the bug wrangling or security patching. At Digitali we offer post-launch services that includes ongoing maintenance, support, and security.

Website Speed

We build a dependable website for you that is capable of handling high traffic without slowing down, keeping visitors on your site getting the information they need.

our E-Commerce Website Services

E-Commerce Website Features You Need :

  • Safe and Secure
  • Inventory Management 
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • Shop From Any Device
  • Shipping 

E-Commerce Solution

We fully customize your eCommerce shopping experience to meet your unique needs and influence your customers to remain loyal.

Inventory Management

Don’t mislead your customers to purchase a product you no longer have while also frustrating your accountant by having Inventory management in place

Shop From Any Device

Go where your shoppers are. Whether it’s desktop, mobile, or tablet, make it easy for your customers to purchase your product or service.

Safe and Secure

Your customers want a safe place to shop and rely on you to guard their information.


Just like you can manage inventory with a website, you can also manage shipping.

Beautiful and Responsive

A website that is clunky will not attract new customers or keep previous ones back.

Payment Gateways

Offer your customers multiple options for secure payment that are user-friendly and enjoyable.

Affiliate Program

Need influencers to help sell your business? Offer them an opportunity to join your affiliate program.

Coupons And Discounts

Customers love to save money. Plan and promote coupons and discounts around the holidays, or whenever you’d like.

Our Education Website Serices

Educational Website Features You Need:

  • Class Schedules & Events Calendars
  • Advanced Media Galleries 
  • Document Management
  • Single Sign -On
  • Shared Calendars 
Class Schedules & Events

Creating and sharing class schedules can be a very helpful feature for your students. Multiple calendars can be maintained, from class schedules to robust event calendars for your school district or campus.

Advanced Media Library

Image and media galleries are a great way to show off your school’s spirit. Your WordPress-powered education website can feature advanced galleries supporting all types of media including photos and videos.

Document Management

Integration of a robust document management system is built into your education website, allowing your teachers, faculty, staff, and students to organize and host thousands of documents

Unique Profile Pages

Profile pages for teachers and students allow you to build a community and foster school spirit. Users and members can also keep track of classes, assignments, school news, and more.

Shared Calendar

A calendar of events is a great feature for administrators, students, and parents to stay informed of upcoming activities at your school. all-in-one school event calendar to feature on your education website.

Content Creation

Your school community wants ongoing access to news and information. Give it to them. you can easily have and manage blogs, newsletters, and even integrate social media updates to create a robust content.