How To Solve KRA PIN Does Not Exist Issue on TIMS System
How To Solve KRA PIN Does Not Exist Issue on TIMS System

So how do you solve KRA PIN Does Not Exist? The final solution definitely lies with NTSA and not KRA. Since KRA is the issuer of new KRA PINs, the button falls on NTSA whose systems are the main cause cause of the delay in the update of new KRA PINs to their databases. 

Let us look at the steps involved or you can take to solve the PIN does not exist issue on NTSA TIMS Portal. 

Step 1: Consult with KRA

If you get KRA PIN Does Not Exist, you can first consult with KRA. But this in most cases is futile in a scenario where your KRA PIN is new and active on KRA iTax portal. Basically the response that KRA will give you will be: 

If it’s a new KRA PIN that you want to use on NTSA TIMS portal, please give it about 2 weeks (14 days) for the PIN to be updated on their database. 

So, in this case that means it will take upto 14 days for new KRA PIN to update on NTSA databases. Sometimes this will take less than those stipulated days at sometimes even more days. If you need to create NTSA TIMS account urgently, then step 2 will come in handy. For KRA, the NTSA TIMS KRA PIN Does Not Exist error message can only be solved if you wait for upto 14 days for NTSA database to update its KRA PIN list.

Other times, KRA will just tell you to liase with NTSA for assistance on PIN Does Not Exist issue on TIMS portal. This is because the KRA PIN is fine and active on KRA Systems. But on the other hand, the KRA PIN might be missing or not available yet on TIMS Database Systems. 

From Our day to day experience, I have seen that majority of Kenyans think Updating the KRA PIN is the solution to this problem. Please not that that does not and will not solve the problem. The issue is not the KRA PIN but rather NTSA Database Systems. From the above response, you can that the solution to this problem only lies with NTSA. This response from KRA leads to Step number two.

Step 2: Visit NTSA Offices

The other step that you can use if you get the error KRA PIN Does Not Exist, you can choose to vist NTSA offices in your respective county and have them link the new KRA PIN to your ID serial number. This process sometimes takes between 24 to 48 hours. TIMS Account KRA PIN Does Not Exist error message can be sorted out at the nearest NTSA Offices. alternatively, you can contact us we do it on your behalf at a cost.

Step 3: Wait for KRA PIN to Update on NTSA Database

As per the recommendation from KRA, the last option that you can use is to wait for up to 14 days for the NTSA to update the new KRA PIN on their TIMS databases. This is not viable in a scenario where you urgently need to create a TIMS account. So the other way to have your KRA PIN updated on the NTSA TIMS database so as to remove KRA PIN Does Not Exist TIMS is to wait for a manual and slow update process. 

Step 4: Get in touch with us we follow up the issue

if you want the issue handled conveniently for you hustle free, we can do it for you a fee, this service comes in when you are not able to visit ntsa help centre

The above are the steps that you can take on How To Solve KRA PIN Does Not Exist Issue on TIMS System. You can choose to follow any of the above steps to solve PIN does not exist error message or you can get in touch with us we do it for you hustle free. The choice is yours. By following the above steps, once all has been updated to NTSA database, then you can go ahead to create your new NTSA TIMS account and you will not have any issue.

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