Features You Need to Run Your Nonprofit or Charity Website

A wide range of nonprofit and charity organizations make their home on WordPress, including foundations, places of worship, and community groups. At Digitali we are responsible for building dynamic nonprofit websites for all types of charity groups, from worldwide organizations to ones found in your local neighborhood. 

Powerful online Donations.

Making donations easy is an important part of any WordPress nonprofit website. We have experience integrating PayPal, credit cards, and even digital currency into intuitive, secure, and reliable donation forms. Already have a payment processing system in place? We can work with your existing system!

Configurable User Accounts

Most nonprofit organizations have different types of users with specific roles and permissions for accessing various areas of your website. We help you easily manage teams of content editors and authors and control which types of content they have access to for reading, editing, and publishing. Let’s talk about the various user and membership needs you have for your site, and we will create a solution that fits your specifications.

Interactive Events Calendar

Whether it’s an upscale gala or a small community gathering, your nonprofit and charity events are an important part of your fundraising efforts. Allow us to help make it easy for supporters to purchase tickets and sponsors to get involved by customizing an interactive event calendar with an integrated ticket management system and payment gateway for your nonprofit website. You can even manage multiple events simultaneously all with the power of WordPress.


Our Previous Work

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Services Provided

Passport Application, Passport tracking,


Applicants ID, Applicants birth certificate, applicants parents copy of ID / death certificate, applicants passport photo, applicants signature.

Service Timeline

30 Minutes consulting and 30 min application turn around.