Educational Website Features You Need

We build education websites that are secure, dependable, fast, and easy to use. Allow us to help you create a community for your students, faculty, and parents with a specially designed WordPress website that fosters team spirit and provides an educational portal for your website visitors.

Class Schedules and Events Calendars

Creating and sharing class schedules can be a very helpful feature for your students. Multiple calendars can be maintained, from class schedules to robust event calendars for your school district or campus.

Advanced Media Galleries'

Image and media galleries are a great way to show off your school’s spirit. Your WordPress-powered education website can feature advanced galleries supporting all types of media including photos and videos.

Document Management

Integration of a robust document management system is built into your education website, allowing your teachers, faculty, staff, and students to organize and host thousands of images, videos, PDFs, Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, and more.

Single Sign-on

Integrating your website user accounts with your SSO is an important requirement for any education website. From Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), At Digitali we can integrate SSO with using many different user authentication systems. You can also use the student and/or faculty email address as an authentication point, creating a gateway that only students and faculty of your school can access.

Shared Calendars

A calendar of events is a great feature for administrators, students, and parents to stay informed of upcoming activities at your school. WordPress has many options available for powerful and flexible calendar and scheduling systems. Calendars can also be configured to aggregate multiple event categories into a single calendar for an easy-to-use, all-in-one school event calendar to feature on your education website.

Content Creation

Your school community wants ongoing access to news and information. Give it to them. With WordPress, you can easily have and manage blogs, newsletters, and even integrate social media updates to create a robust churn of communications. Set up multiple authors and editors, as needed. You’re in control. Students, parents, and faculty will always be in the know.

Unique Profile Pages

Profile pages for teachers and students allow you to build a community and foster school spirit. Users and members can also keep track of classes, assignments, school news, and more.

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